Who We Are


ENRICHMENT INC. is dedicated to inspiring everyone we touch to live fully and consciously in the present moment. We believe that by opening our minds and awakening our hearts, we can discover our soul’s purpose and live passionately.
ENRICHMENT INC.’s mission is to liberate each individual’s inner potential, and reconnect us all to the source of real power and joy. We bring the work and inspirational messages of today’s outstanding high level corporate leaders and transformational teachers to a wider public, through unique and exciting events. Our goal is to help bring about:

• Self-changes toward higher awareness
• The chance for each individual to live fully in the present moment by making more conscious choices
• A new reality and approach to life utilizing each individual’s own enhanced wisdom and inner guidance

Randi Tomchin, Founder and President ENRICHMENT INC.

ENRICHMENT INC. is dedicated to inspiring transformation.
Opening minds. Awakening hearts.

Randi has studied and worked with many influential transformation leaders of our time. These remarkable teachers profoundly enriched her life, leading to her passion to share their wisdom--and the wisdom of others like them--with all who wish to embark on a similar journey of healing, growth and fulfillment. Randi’s deep desire to have and share experiences with seekers of light all over the world moved her to create ENRICHMENT INC. in 2009.

Before that time, Randi enjoyed a successful twenty-year career in the corporate world. She applied her strong customer focus, her keen sales ability and her attention to detail to the development, management and promotion of high-level executive events. Many leading media figures and renowned corporate officers attended these programs. She later combined those abilities with her talent for business development, and her knack for building and maintaining excellent client relationships, to focus on helping others achieve their life and career goals through the field of training and recruitment. She has worked in conjunction with the National Broadcast Company (NBC); International Advisory Group (IAG); and Third Floor Media, among others.

“ENRICHMENT INC. is the fulfillment of a dream that has stirred me for many years: my deep desire to use my talents to be of service to others. My personal journey over the years has been elevated by my relationships with such renowned and enlightened notables as Gregg Braden, Kevin Ryerson, and John Harvey Gray. Their teachings have stimulated my mind and opened my heart. Now, through ENRICHMENT INC., I have the opportunity to serve others by offering transformational experiences to those who desire a new reality and a more fulfilling approach to life.”

Randi Tomchin