Opening Minds. Awakening Hearts.

"Sometimes our light dims, but is blown again into flame by an encounter with another human being."
Albert Schweitzer

The old paradigm of our existence, one driven by fear, greed and separation, is being replaced today by a new reality of unity and love.
E pluribus unum –"Out of many, one." 

Encouraging this evolution is the mission of ENRICHMENT INC.

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our Testimonials

“Randi’s trademark is her diligence, sense of humor and willingness to give 110% of herself.”

Maxine T. Hartley, Executive Career Coach and Strategist

“Working with ENRICHMENT INC. has been an absolute pleasure. Randi has great initiative, is very responsive and efficient, she honors our work in a completely loving, supportive way. We highly recommend ENRICHMENT INC.”

Shirley and Murray Ansell, Life Energy Coaching

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